It is well known that children create art naturally and easily—it doesn’t even matter “the quality” of what they make—they just pick up the crayon, marker, pencil, and go to town! They are absolutely delighted, and so are the grown-ups that witness their spontaneous creations.

You never hear a child say “Oh no, I’m not an artist.” No—they immediately grab the art materials and start creating, without hesitation, and without self-consciousness of the process or the result.

However, come adulthood—you start to hear people say “I can’t draw” or “I’m not an artist.”

It seems that sometime between middle school and college, a change happens, where the more artistically inclined children are praised, and those who are less skilled in the area of the arts are encouraged to focus their energies elsewhere. Or—even if they are being encouraged by teachers or otherwise, they themselves decide they are inferior to those more artistically inclined, and give up or criticise their own art if they must create.

The thing is—regardless of outcome, the creative process is essential in our view. The mere process itself and the channel of expression that it is—is important (and fun!) for people to express in this way.

The satisfaction of using a paintbrush. The accomplishment of making something that you didn’t even know existed before. Getting your hands messy. Wearing a smock (when necessary). The colors you choose, the combinations you make. Having beautiful colors in front of your face. Experimenting. Trying. Trying again. Hopefully exploring with curiosity, and leave the judgment behind.

Children are involved with art throughout childhood through the easy medium of school and other opportunities, but, in adulthood, the options fall away, with the exception of signing up for lengthy, serious, and often expensive classes in crafting, and, usually it is the more craftily-inclined that sign up for these anyway.

And so, DIY Creations was born.

We have set up an environment for adults that is so much fun. We have a lengthy list of creative and crafty projects for our customers to choose from, and not only can you choose your preferred activity, but you can even select for level of difficulty for your comfort level and enjoyment.

Rather than this being a classroom format, it is much more informal than that. You can purchase locally made beers or one of our original cocktails, while enjoying the company of friends and strangers, all the while making something new that you never even knew was possible. Great music will be playing, and the atmosphere is easy-going and fun.

So, check out our website, see what is on the calendar, and sign up!

We are located in Loveland, Colorado, and we serve customers from Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Cheyenne, and many other locations nearby.

Come on your own, or come with friends—either way you are bound to meet cool new interesting people and have a blast.

DIY Creations—where everyone is an artist!