When thinking of birthday party ideas and bachelorette party ideas, sometimes it is hard to think outside the box, especially when thinking of what to do in Loveland. There are the usual go-to’s for bachelor/ette parties—having a stripper come to a private party, or maybe go to an actual strip club. Regardless, there tends to be a mission to do the edgiest and craziest thing for these types of parties, and yet—because the same thing is done all of the time, even these crazy and racy activities start to become commonplace and repetitive.

Sometimes some of your most memorable and interesting events are the ones that push you outside of your comfort level—but they don’t have to be crazy to accomplish this. Sometimes it can be having a conversation with a new person, or having a conversation with someone you already know but about an entirely different subject. And sometimes, the most “edgy” experiences for us are just simply creating something from nothing. Starting with an idea and letting it run wild. And we at DIY Creations believe that arts and crafts are the perfect medium for anyone who is willing to try to achieve this.

Maybe you think to yourself “Oh, I don’t know the first thing about art” but when given a piece of paper and some paint, you might just decide that for some reason, you just really want to use the color red. Well, this is what making art is all about! Just having an inclination, an instinct, a feeling, and just going with it. “Ooh I really like that color!” or “I think that feathers would be a nice addition to this project,” are common thoughts in the mind of someone making an art project or some sort of craft—you just get to go with your feeling and whim of the moment.

DIY Creations would be the perfect birthday party to unite all of your different friends and family in a joined activity—simply by all creating at the same time, a bond is formed, and you’ll have more fun than you thought possible. And, for bachelor or bachelorette parties, it can be a really great opportunity to blast your favorite music, drink our local and unique cocktails, while creating super cool art projects while celebrating the union or your closest friends. Finally, something different! And who knows—maybe you could make a memorable gift for the bride, groom, or birthday guest of honor—all in your local Loveland bar.

So, come on in to DIY Creations and try it yourself! We have so many different options of different crafts that you can try and ranging difficulty levels so you can self-select!

And, if you don’t like one particular medium for creativity, the great news is you have many more options to choose from, and the possibilities are endless!

Check out our website and sign up with your friends or on your own today.