Are you starting to feel like your social life could use a little boost?

Perhaps you have tons of friends and so you aren’t lacking in that department, but—you are wishing you could do something different or more engaging than the usual routine. You are wondering what to do in Loveland, as it is a pretty small place.

Of course you and your friends enjoy going out to the bar and having a few drinks—but after a while it can start to get repetitive. Maybe part of you is wondering if there is something more, something that can be created.

This is how DIY Creations was born. We realized that some of our favorite activities might be appealing to those around us that aren’t sure where or how to start something new, so we decided to try something that no one else has tried yet—to open an arts and crafts bar.

We realized that while we pride ourselves on being crafty and creative, and surround ourselves by other like-minded friends, we may actually have something to offer to those who otherwise might not be inspired to pull out arts and crafts materials. Sometimes, you just need someone to suggest something, and suddenly a new idea is born.

If you are someone who doesn’t consider themselves to be “creative”, you might not find the motivation to partake in creative activities if they aren’t readily available. But, we all made art in elementary school, and whether we were “into art” or not, we all made stuff! And it was fun! There is just something about getting your hands dirty and getting messy and just making whatever comes to you. DIY Creation is the perfect combination of crafts and cocktails.

When you come to DIY Creations, we have a wide variety of activities that you can participate in, and you can even choose the level of challenge that you want for your project as well as the amount of help and assistance from us in terms of guidance.

You can start as “safe” and “low-risk” as you want in terms of experimenting with different art projects, but, we are confident that once you come here one time, you are going to want to come back over and over and will become ready to take risks and try things that you’ve never tried before each time you come back.

Come on your own, or come with friends—either way you are bound to meet cool new interesting people and have a blast.

So, check out our website, see what is on the calendar, and sign up!

We are located in Loveland, Colorado, and we serve customers from Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Cheyenne, and many other locations nearby.