We at DIY Creations are so excited to be launching our website for our new business—and, writing our first blog!

Allow us to introduce ourselves and our business:

We are Kelly and Christina, co-owners of DIY Creations. We are two teachers who had a dream to use our crazy, funny personalities and our passion for crafting in a way that would inspire others. DIY Creations offers its customers a unique opportunity to gather with friends and complete a Do-It-Yourself project while enjoying a locally brewed beverage.

What we are offering is a unique service to the world. Of course there are endless bars out there, but we are not just a bar—we are an experience—a creative tavern experience!

All of our customers will be crafting, so, while everyone has the option and bonus of enjoying a local beer—or one of our hand-crafted original cocktails—there will be no customers who will not be participating in the creativity process—all of our customers will craft. We find that when all people are participating, it is so much more fun, and we want to create an atmosphere that supports the creative process.

Along those lines—we hope to support people who might not ordinarily find themselves crafting.

The options that are currently out there for adults can be quite formal, are a big commitment, and often are quite expensive. Usually, getting crafty as an adult requires signing up for a class, committing to a number of weeks or months to get involved, and there is generally a significant fee to do so.

Usually the people signed up for the classes already have a lot of experience, so it feels very serious. This can be intimidating and alienating to those who might otherwise be excited to learn the art of crafting, and getting more creative. We know that there are people who are interested in getting crafty, but aren’t prepared for the commitment of a longer term class, and would rather not be in such a formal environment.

That’s where DIY Creations came to be born. DIY Creations is there to foster the creative spirit and artist in everyone, and in a low-key no-pressure environment where you can create to the difficulty level that you are comfortable with, as well as having the option of having as much or as little assistance and instruction as you prefer.

We know that some of our favorite times spent individually and with groups have been in the context of crafting. We also know that unless you have super crafty friends who insist on teaching you to craft, you may not be exposed to this amazingly enjoyable experience.

So, come on in to DIY Creations and try it yourself! We have so many different options of different crafts that you can try and ranging difficulty levels so you can self-select!

And, if you don’t like one particular medium for creativity, the great news is you have many more options to choose from, and the possibilities are endless!

Check out our website and sign up with your friends or on your own today.