Let’s face it—work isn’t always the most fun place to be. But there are lots of activities that companies can do to make the workplace more enjoyable—an environment that employees are excited to come to every day.

And when employees are happy, work outcomes are better.

Team-building activities are awesome for creating a more fun workplace, and DIY Creations would be the perfect place to host your staff team-building exercise!

  1. Getting To Know Each Other Better. Oftentimes, co-workers only know each other in the context of work. Team-building activities allow you to make friends with your colleagues and see a side of them that you may not have otherwise discovered. This helps boost the overall workplace morale, increase productivity, and gives employees the chance to better solve everyday issues with one another. DIY Creations has really fun art projects that can make the most distant of co-workers become buddies in art-making.
  2. Better Teamwork. Team-building activities help improve performance on projects that require collaboration. Through teambuilding, employees get a better understanding of one another’s strengths and weaknesses and can use this knowledge for future projects. Art projects are the perfect place to do this—that co-worker that you don’t know much about may turn out to be a very creative person, or, another who sometimes seems unfriendly is suddenly coming to life. Or, perhaps, you are helping your boss with their art project, and suddenly you get to act as equals. The possibilities are endless!
  3. Celebration and Motivation. Whenever you’ve achieved an important milestone, go celebrate! Do something fun! This makes employees feel appreciated for their hard work motivates them to continue doing great work. DIY Creations is perfect for this, because not only do we have great art projects, but we have local beers and unique home-crafted cocktails that will let everyone enjoy on every level.
  4. Fostering Innovation. People are generally more creative when they are around people they’re comfortable with. Team-building activities can help build that sense of comfort and trust, thereby stimulating innovation and creativity. Making art brings out people’s child-like qualities and inventiveness—how great to see that in your co-workers who you may be in a routine with on a daily basis.
  5. Better Communication. And of course, the more comfortable people feel with one another, the better they’ll feel about communicating. Effective communication is the key to any successful undertaking, be it in the workplace or otherwise. Team-building activities help open the channels of communication.

If you’re looking for a fun and creative team-building activity for you and your coworkers, check out DIY Creations—an arts and crafts tavern in Loveland where it’s impossible not to have fun! So make a reservation and bring your coworkers for a night of bonding, cocktails, and crafting!


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